Welcome to Stoveseal.co.uk

Our aim is to offer practical advice on how to choose the right replacement seal for your Wood burning / multi-fuel stove.

Stoveseal is able to offer a comprehensive range of high quality seals which are identical to those used by many of the original equipment manufacturers.

Our seals are supplied in a convenient kit which includes the necessary rope seal, a high quality adhesive, a high temperature sealing tape, protective gloves and full step by step instructions for replacing a worn seal. This includes seals for the door and around the door window glass.

Our seals are not cheap/poor quality imports. They are manufactured in the United Kingdom and are constructed from high temperature glass fibre which will withstand temperatures up to 550ºC (1022ºF). We are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction.

Our expertise with these products will ensure that when you make the right choice and follow our instructions, replacing the seal will be straightforward. After completing the replacement your stove’s burning efficiency will be much improved.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our products. This starts with choosing the right seal for your stove.

If, after following our guide on choosing the right seal, you are still unsure as to what you need then we will offer you a special service. If you send us a sample of your worn seal we will send you free of charge a small sample of new seal to try in your stove to ensure it’s a good fit before you buy!

is your seal worn? If it is, send us a sample and we will send you a small sample free of charge to try! Get yours sample now